What is the On-Location DJ Service?

It is a service in Japan an on-site DJ performs at events, exhibitions, places for wedding party where customers request. Sound is delivered to the visitors if there are not any equipment since the DJ brings in and set up the equipment like speakers. Please contact us if you want to create the great mood of an event, have participants enjoy themselves, When you want to stick to a particular genre, don’t want to keep silence in between, or want to connect with the audience. You can see reference fees below.

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Please request in the following situation!

★I’m anxious and nervous about playing music to a venue.

★I don’t know songs to be played at an event.

★I don’t want to make it a normal wedding after-party or social event. I want to create an event vibe.

★I want to play music from a specific artist or genre, such as EDM,pops,hose,techno J-pop, K-pop, etc.

★I don’t want what to do about the sound from a video. I would like to consult with someone.

★I was told that the venue we will use doesn’t have speakers, or if we play sound loudly, the sound is getting clipping.

★I want to hold an event in outdoors where there is no power supply or equipment.

★I want to hold an outdoor event, but we are surprised to find out that the prices of the estimate are too high if I request for services separately in different companies.

★I want someone we can trust to show up on time on the day of the event.

★I want to consult with someone about equipment and set-up.

★I want someone I can talk to about the details of the event.

Difference from other companies/ individuals

We are able to keep our price low comparison to other agencies since we have our DJ staff members, and we don’t cast more than other agencies every time. Also, we can
・particular about every song.
・hold meetings, and understand the content of the event.
・offer a variety of genres of music.

In addition, we can provide not only individual DJs, but also directors to direct an event. We can
・provide a full understanding of the specifications of the venue and the sound of the video.
・offer alternative plans for scheduling risks.
・specify the attire etc., according to the content of the event.
・make the most appropriate proposal.

The following are examples of parties and productions held at exhibition, wedding after-party, apparel events, sports events, outdoor events, festivals, and hotels in JAPAN. Please take a look.

See production examples

-Examples of companies and brands that have used our service-

Agnès b/ Precor/ Adidas golf/ Seawood Hotel/ UNO HOTEL/ ALLSAINTS/ Takashimaya/ Nagano City Sun Leaman Nagano/ mixi/ Tokyu Construction/ Others

How to request/ Estimate

Just call or email us with your event request! One of our directors will be in charge of your event and will make a plan(estimate) that meets your needs.

We will do our best to support you to make your event a great one. Please contact us using the inquiry form below.

One example of a plan/ price

One DJ who will send your venue
25,000 JPY
If a venue is equipped with speakers and PA equipment, it is the cheapest plan.
*Event time is within 5 hours. Transportation fee will be charged outside of Tokyo.
Simple Speaker Set
40,000 JPY
This price includes one DJ and a set of simple speakers for small number of people music event.
*At an event for about 50 people, it is possible to spread the sound to everyone. However, if sound quality is a concern, we recommend the ‘’Small Speaker Set’’ below.
Small Event Speaker Set
75,000 JPY
The set includes one DJ, speakers, mixer, amplifier, ect. for small-scale events of 50-100 people.
*This set is recommended for events where the sound system of the venue is not reliable, or when you want to focus on the sound in terms of staging. Shipping fees may apply outside of Tokyo.
Equipment set fir medium-scale events
105,000 JPY.
This set is recommended when you are worried about the sound system of the venue or when you want to emphasize the sound system in terms of the direction of the performance. Shipping fees may apply outside of Tokyo.
Medium-scale equipment PA management set
120,000 JPY
The price for the above set with an equipment manager.
*This set is recommended if there are many performers and each of them uses different sound sources and instruments.Shipping fees may apply outside of Tokyo.
Large-scale equipment PA management set
250,000 JPY
This set is for events with 200 or more people.
*Depending on the content of the event, there may be additional cost, or conversely, a discount may be possible. Please consult us at the hearing.
Others/ Options We can prepare a projector, connect audio equipment with equipment such as guitars, bass, drums, ect., or bring in microphones. A projector 10,000 JPY- A microphone 3,000 JPY – Band set 10,000 JPY.
*Options alone cannot be requested.

Q&A you may want to know in advance!

What kind of people will come to a venue?

We send DJs/ sound operators who have abundant experience in events such as exhibitions, wedding after-party, conference, music events, ect. We don’t cast people on a case-by-case basis, but rather. We place emphasis on having the members of our staff be able to communicate with each other about the content of the event in order to minimize risk. We will be able to cooperate with a organizer to make some small changes on the day of the event and provide sound consultation. We will also send out the DJs with the appropriate attire and appearance for the event who won’t spoil the image of the event.DJ member

What kind of music will your DJs play?
Can I specify?

We will ask you about it by e-mail or phone and play songs that match the content of your event. We can also play a song for you, and we can play the song in accordance with the timing of the performance during the event.

I don’t know what equipment to prepare… I’m worried about the fee.

Please let us know how many people and what kind of event you are planning by e-mail and phone. We will prepare the appropriate volume of equipment and provide you with an estimate.

How extensively do you cover the area?

We can cover the nationwide, in some cases, overseas. We have experience in Miyako-island in Okinawa, Okayama Yamanashi, Nagano, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, and Osaka in Japan.
*Transportation and other expenses will be charged.

I want to request other services related to the direction!

We offer services ranging from audio/visual, food and beverage, venue, photography, contents, and direction. Please freely tell us when we ask about it. Please click here to see a sample.
Production history

What kind of DJs will come?

Our DJs are around 30 members, male to female, in their 20s-30s, full-fledged clubbers, DJs who can use records, and DJs who are well versed in a wide variety of genres. Some of our DJs have performed at big festivals that everyone knows about.

List of our DJs (male/ female)